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Designer and Illustrator based in Kansas City, MO

Photo by the talented Molly Cameron.

I've been creating visuals with a unique human touch, a bit of snark, and a lot of empathy for well over a decade. When I'm not designing or parenting, I'm probably on a bike.


When I was 11, my dad bought me a Wacom tablet and told me that if I wanted to get a job when I grow up, I should become a graphic designer instead of an artist. My career is about the only thing in my life that has been linear, and I'm driven by a relentless do-good-er-ness and Midwestern work ethic. I've worked for clients such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, REI, Warnock for Georgia, and Sierra Club.


My current passion project is an inclusive cycling group, Women-Led Cycling, where I work to break down barriers for beginner and marginalized riders through bold and informative social media content and a weekly no-drop group ride. Despite my dad's warning, I guess I became an artist, too. And sometimes its hard to define whether a project falls into the "art" bucket or the "design" bucket. I love telling stories of underdogs, fighters, and everyday humanity through illustration and written word. Do you have a story to tell? Let's chat.


Kansas City, MO


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